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AUGUST, 2018
ICRHA Promotional Video

In case you have not seen it, at right is a short YouTube video prepared to promote our organization.  The music and style reflect the promotional 16mm movies of the 1950s, a great and happy period of time for Illinois Central Railroad.  (To view the video, simply click the center arrow).

A Message From the Webmaster. . .

This spring and early summer, ICRHA is ushering in this new website, which utilizes current web technology, as opposed to our former site.  While Facebook has supplanted some of the need for a website such as this, there are still many things a  website can provide that are not available on  social media.  I view a organization's website and social media as complimentary to each other.


Although not obvious now, provisions on this site have been made for a company store, possible acceptance of credit cards and PayPal, optional automated member applications and renewals, a modelers page, and short monthly human interest stories.  This is just to name a few concepts that will be reviewed by ICRHA's Board of Directors.


At this time this site is not smart phone or smaller tablet friendly, but that will be addressed shortly and smaller devices will automatically access a mobile friendly site.


I very much know that to maintain interest, a site has to be constantly evolving.  We will try to make that happen in 2018.  Please feel free to share your comments, suggestions or contributions to this site with either me or one of our Board Members listed on the About tab of this site.  Our goal is to grow ICRHA in the New Year and preserve the interest in, and history of the Mainline of Mid-America.


--John Morris, Webmaster




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